August 27th, 2011

Olivia and Molly

My session with two precious little ones, Olivia and Molly.  These are the adorable girls of Hannah and Adam.  These two are special in many, many ways.  They are truly God's little miracles!  Here are some of my favorites.


These two I have a feeling were telling jokes to each other the entire time through out our session.  Watch their faces.  Molly is on the left is peeking at us while Olivia is pretending we aren't there.


There's something about being outdoors that babies love.  I think she's feeling the wind on her tongue as if she can taste it.



Sometimes you have to hide from all the limelight of being a twin.


She watched me everywhere I went.....





I wish I spoke baby talk.  I think I would have really enjoyed this joke!





I had to include this one.  I love this with her grandmother Carol! 



I asked her how she felt the photo shoot went and this is what I got!


I turned to ask Olivia how she liked being a model and well.....she was busy.


Beautiful Christening gowns for two beautiful dolls!

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August 20th, 2011

Kristen Southern Belle Bridal Session

I've been dying to show these beautiful bride images to you but, had to wait until after Kristen and Chris said "I do" before sharing them.  Here are some of my favorites at a beautiful Southern home.  It was the perfect setting! 


I loved her gown and was thrilled to learn it had pockets!


Kristen was a beautiful bride!





These shots are hard work for everyone!  Her mom is fixing her gown.



There's something about this one that I really like.  It's almost fairytale like as if she's looking for her prince!



And my favorite!!  Stay tuned! Images from their wedding are coming!

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August 4th, 2011

Happy 100th Mrs. Kay!

What a privilege it was to be able to capture this special birthday party!  Our church secretary, notice I didn't say "former", still drives and lives in her home.  She is absolutely amazing!  I've learned a lot from her over the years.  One is how to continue staying physically active, I believe she was in her late 80's when she took up line dancing.  I've learned how to keep my mind sharp, by reading my bible and never stop working for the Lord.  I've also learned a lot about God's character from her.  I'll never forget seeing her as a child accepted Christ one Sunday.  She closed her eyes, and softly muttered, "Yes JEHOVAH-JIREH!"  Which means, the Lord provides.  I do believe at that moment she in her own private way entered the throne room and at the Almighty's feet, gave credit where credit was due.  She is an amazing lady!


Isn't she beautiful!!!??


Here was the plaque the church presented her on her birthday which happened to be on a Sunday.






What an awesome cake topper!  Triple digits!


Reliving special moments.


What a beautiful family!  Her son and daughter-in-law and one of her two grandsons and family.  What a legacy!


Mrs. Kay glowed as she welcomed her guest!



Her son Bill shared many funny moments as he welcomed her guests and publicly wished his Mom a Happy 100th Birthday!


I loved her reaction to one of her son's stories about her.  Isn't it great to be able to laugh at yourself?


And then she took the mic. 


Every singing "Happy Birthday!"


She was so excited opening her gifts!



Yes, I just caught her eating the icing off of her finger!


Several old pastors who "worked" for Mrs. Kay returned to spend her birthday with her.  I have been waiting a long time to use the word OLD in reference to Marty Carnes.  Sorry, I couldn't let this wonderful opportunity slip away! 


This image is precious to me.  Lots of history!


Love her expression here!


Proudly showing of her "lavender" earrings as she called them. 


Ever wondered what a bouquet of hundred roses would look like?  James Bednar of Seasons did a beautiful job!



My husband with family members of ours who came from out of town to celebrate with Mrs. Kay.





I love this picture of her.  Sitting quietly soaking in every face, and every well wish on her big day.


How did we know the party was over?  When the birthday girl was seen at the door with her purse of course!

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