December 24th, 2011

Girl's Best Friends

What a neat photo shoot this was!  A friend of mine's co-worker, wanted to capture some tender moments with her best friends.  One of her dogs is advancing in years and thought that this would be a perfect time to capture their personality and moments in time.  Here are some of my favorites. 


Meet Donna and her best friends. 


This dog has the prettiest blue eyes!


This was one of the images she used for their Christmas card.



Thanks for calling on me Donna.  I thought this was a great session!

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December 23rd, 2011

A Holly Jolly Christmas

Here's the last of my South Georgia Snow sessions.  With it being Christmas Eve and as I picked out my favorites from this session I can see the joy and love with this sweet family. I felt they displayed the sentiments of have a "Holly Jolly Christmas!"


Meet my new friend, Sadie!  She was the cutest thing in her awesome outift in the field of cotton.  I loved her expressions as she investigated this strange tiny puffy white cloud.






Big beautiful brown eyes and the sweetest smile!



And she's a Daddy's girl!


Sadie and her beautiful Mom.  I do believe Sadie's Mom was my child's first crush.  Her mom was my child's 1st grade teacher and, he still goes to her room to get his daily hug. 


What a jolly family!




Sadie may not remember playing in the cotton field at this age.  But, she'll remember the pictures. Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!

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December 20th, 2011

A Dose of Sweet Sugar!

Here's some sweet sugar!  Karlie was the cutest and sweetest little thing while I was taking her pictures.  We had fun as you will see! Enjoy some of my favorites!


It that not the cutest face? 




Let the fun begin!  Here she is singing with her mom!




Time for a kiss after singing and playing!


She has beautiful blue eyes!  What a doll!

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December 13th, 2011

Family of Three

What a beautiful family! Even the dog is beautiful!  Check out some of my favorites of Raquel, Austin and Ayden. 


Even their dog was smiling! 



Ayden is a handsome and sweet young man.




I love this one of Austin and Raquel. 

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December 11th, 2011

Lauren and Ryan

Meet two of the sweetest youngins (that's how we say children in the south) I know, Lauren and Ryan.  I am enjoying watching these two grow up with my child. They all spend lots of time together from the ball field, to church to special outings.  I know it would make both their great grandfather and my child's great grandmother very proud.  The great grandparents were brother and sister.  Here are some of my favorites of these two! 


Lauren is such a beautiful young lady.  Very soft spoken and prissy!




Ryan's big brown eyes will melt your heart.  He's all boy and a great ball player!



See what I mean by all boy?  He was itching to do this the entire session! 


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December 10th, 2011

A Family Who Loves and Laughs!

I had the most fun on this shoot!  I've known this family for many, many years.  In fact the mother, LaVie, taught me in the 6th grade! This bunch kept me on my toes and laughing the entire time.  I also faced my fear of heights as you will see!   Here are some of my favorites!


Such a great looking family! 




See all the laughing going on?  This family is filled with love and laughter!



As I was taking this picture I was thinking of how I would blog this moment to convey how bad my knees were shaking.  I'm so surprised the picture is not blurried! 



I love this one!




Thanks for a great time guys!

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December 4th, 2011

South Georgia Snow Session 4!

Here's one of the coolest boys I know, Brayden. His session was part of the prize packet awarded to his mom for being named Brooks County School's Teacher of the Year! 


Brayden has amazing blue eyes.


And, long eyelashes!



His family is from the mid-west so he was collecting some cotton also known as South Georgia snow for them.




This is all Brayden, the outfit, shades and hat.....  Can you see me in the picture?


This is my favorite!


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